The Viktor Frankl Quote You Have to Hear, Primarily based On Your Enneagram Kind

In case you’re like most individuals, you could have days the place you are feeling such as you’re simply going by way of the motions. You may be struggling at work, feeling disconnected out of your associate, or uncertain about your future. In moments like these, it may be useful to show to the knowledge of others for steerage. For me personally, I usually peruse quotes by folks I love once I’m going by way of laborious occasions. Typically listening to how different folks have coped and overcome evokes me to cope with my (usually much less extreme) issues.

This week I had the prospect to hearken to the audiobook Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. As I listened, I turned deeply conscious of my very own privilege and have become impressed to do one thing useful with the time I’ve. I might encourage anybody who’s struggling to learn his ebook (it’s free for Audible members proper now or you may take a look at your native library).

As an Enneagram coach, I usually heard passages in Frankl’s ebook that will be excellent for every of the 9 Enneagram sorts. At sure occasions I might assume, “that is precisely what a Six wants to listen to” or a Two, or a 4, or a 5. With that in thoughts, I made a decision to compile this put up with curated quotes for every Enneatype. I hope it would encourage you to develop and to hunt out extra ways in which give life that means to you personally.

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Who’s Viktor Frankl?

Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl was a Holocaust focus camp survivor and founding father of logotherapy, also referred to as the Third Viennese Faculty of Psychotherapy. Logotherapy is concentrated on an people’ seek for that means. Frankl used his traumatic experiences in Auschwitz and different focus camps to develop into probably the most influential figures in psychology. His foremost focus was serving to folks to seek out hope amidst hopelessness and struggling.

Viktor Frankl believed that by serving to survivors overcome their psychological traumas, the therapeutic course of could possibly be made simpler. By means of his work he demonstrated that even within the depths of despair there may be all the time one thing optimistic to attract from our experiences. In doing so he revolutionized the way in which psychologists method treating victims of focus camps – offering them with understanding, compassion and a way of function to heal and transfer ahead in life with power and resilience.

The place Does the Enneagram Come Into This?

I wish to begin by saying that Viktor Frankl himself has by no means stated a factor in regards to the Enneagram. What I’m doing on this article is selecting quotes that might encourage every of the 9 Enneatyeps to develop in methods that can assist them discover wholeness and that means. I might encourage every of you to learn Frankl’s book to additional deepen this expertise.

Every Enneagram kind has a set of strengths and weaknesses. Every kind has each self-defeating and self-healing behaviors that they’ll select to depend on in hardships. For instance, a One can select a self-defeating sample by feeling like they should do all the things themselves as a result of others can’t be relied upon. Or conversely, a One can select a therapeutic sample by accepting assist, even when the assistance isn’t “good” of their ebook.

My hope is that Viktor Frankl’s knowledge will encourage every one who reads this to maneuver into patterns of therapeutic and progress and veer additional away from self-defeating patterns.

The Viktor Frankl Quote You Have to Hear, Primarily based On Your Enneagram Kind

Enneagram One

“The try and develop a way of humour and to see issues in a humorous gentle is a few form of a trick realized whereas mastering the artwork of residing.” – Viktor Frankl

Ones really feel a continuing burden to do the “proper” factor. They monitor their ideas, emotions, and actions with severity and strictness. Whereas on the one hand this may make them accountable and self-controlled, it might probably additionally make them important, inflexible, and exhausted. Life can develop into a collection of self-imposed guidelines that carry no satisfaction.

The trail to progress for a One is studying to see the wonder, enjoyable, and humor in life. Progress usually comes by way of lessening strictness and studying to be extra tolerant – not solely of 1’s self, however of others as properly. Ones want to totally understand the reality: Nobody – not even the One – is able to perfection. Pushing your self previous the purpose of endurance isn’t all the time noble – typically it’s masqueraded self-righteousness.

Frankl’s quote is a reminder that the artwork of residing might be acquired by way of studying to see the humor and sweetness in life, thereby bringing steadiness and pleasure to at least one’s existence.

One other Frankl quote I might advocate for Ones is that this:

“I don’t forget any good deed completed to me & I don’t carry a grudge for a foul one.” 

This quote is a reminder to Ones that holding on to previous grievances and resentments will solely stop them from experiencing true contentment. It’s important for Ones to study to forgive, let go of judgment, and give up management with the intention to attain a spot of peace and pleasure.

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Enneagram Two

“We who lived in focus camps can keep in mind the lads who walked by way of the huts comforting others, freely giving their final piece of bread. They might have been few in quantity, however they provide adequate proof that all the things might be taken from a person however one factor: the final of the human freedoms — to decide on one’s angle in any given set of circumstances, to decide on one’s personal means.” – Viktor Frankl

Twos are typically beneficiant and pleasant people. They usually assume to themselves “how can I assist?” or “how can I make folks like me?”

For the Two, life usually revolves round what different folks want or need. There’s a powerful pull in the direction of serving others; or a pull in the direction of being a listening ear to others’ issues and points. At common to unhealthy ranges, the Two does all of this with the intention to really feel wanted or worthy. They offer with the intention to really feel a way of affection or worth in return. Deep down they’re afraid that they’re unlovable until they serve others. They acquire a way of pleasure from feeling wanted.

So why would I choose a quote for Twos that solely additional preaches the worth of giving? As a result of I consider this quote characterizes the items of the Two at their greatest. At their greatest, Twos are selfless. They offer to not get one thing in return – however out of pure love and selflessness. And never solely that, they select their very own means. They offer as a result of they sincerely wish to assist, not as a result of they’re seeking to be “wanted” or worthwhile in others’ eyes.

At their greatest, Twos can discover methods to present even within the midst of horrible struggling and ache. They usually do that with none hidden agenda. The wholesome Two additionally is aware of when to place up boundaries and deal with their very own wants in a balanced means.

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Enneagram Three

“Don’t intention at success. The extra you intention at it and make it a goal, the extra you’re going to miss it. For achievement, like happiness, can’t be pursued; it should ensue, and it solely does in order the unintended facet impact of 1’s private dedication to a trigger larger than oneself or because the by-product of 1’s give up to an individual apart from oneself. Happiness should occur, and the identical holds for fulfillment: it’s a must to let it occur by not caring about it. I would like you to hearken to what your conscience instructions you to do and go on to hold it out to the very best of your data. Then you’ll stay to see that within the long-run success will comply with you exactly since you had forgotten to consider it” – Viktor Frankl

Threes are the Enneatypes most motivated to achieve success. Typically their childhoods gave them the message that they have been solely worthwhile if they have been profitable. In consequence, they chase after success, striving for approval and recognition from others. However regardless of how a lot they obtain, there may be nonetheless a deep eager for actual, real that means and worth. Deep down they fear that they’ll by no means climb excessive sufficient to be worthwhile and beloved.

At their greatest, Threes can take Frankl’s recommendation and understand that actual soul-fulfilling that means comes from serving a much bigger trigger than the self. They’ll study to hearken to their conscience and do what is correct – not as a result of it would get them recognition or approval however as a result of it’s the proper factor to do. In different phrases, they’ve to have the ability to relinquish management over the result and belief within the course of. They’ll begin to attain out in methods which can be aligned with their deeply-held internal values. Life can develop into much less about awards and recognition and extra about residing from a spot of authenticity and function.

The wholesome Three is ready to settle for success when it comes, without having it to really feel useful – as a result of they already know that they’re. They lastly understand that they’re free to seek out their very own identification and their real coronary heart’s need in life. As they study to just accept themselves, scruples and all, they develop into crammed with benevolence and authenticity.

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Enneagram 4

“The way in which by which a person accepts his destiny and all of the struggling it entails, the way in which by which he takes up his cross, offers him ample alternative — even below probably the most troublesome circumstances — so as to add a deeper that means to his life. It might stay courageous, dignified and unselfish. Or within the bitter struggle for self preservation he might overlook his human dignity and develop into not more than an animal.” ― Viktor Frankl

Fours are deeply delicate and romantic souls looking for a way of identification and self-actualization. Their childhoods have been usually marked with disappointment or loneliness; a sense of being totally different or misunderstood. In consequence they usually expertise deep emotional lows and melancholy.

At common to unhealthy ranges, Fours develop into self-absorbed and temperamental. Typically they really feel that no one can perceive them and so they dream of being rescued from their ache by somebody who will lastly grasp their plight. When this rescuer by no means comes, they’ll deliberately alienate themselves from others, believing that they are going to by no means have it as simple as the remainder. Envy is a trait of the typical to unhealthy 4. They usually really feel that others have it higher, are happier, or are in different methods separate from them.

When Fours enter well being, they study to just accept their struggles as an inherent a part of life. They’ll take Frankl’s recommendation and see that even when issues don’t end up the way in which they hoped, they all the time have a alternative in how they reply. Somewhat than seeing themselves as extra flawed than others, they study to method life with a way of humility, resilience, and graciousness. At their greatest, they see how all humanity is tied collectively in struggling, and that that in itself creates that means, magnificence, and function. By means of this consciousness they embrace their greatest self: a 4 that’s compassionate, insightful, and pushed to make a distinction.

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Enneagram 5

“The true that means of life is to be found on the earth moderately than inside man or his personal psyche, as if it have been a closed system. I’ve termed this constitutive attribute “the self-transcendence of human existence.” It denotes the truth that being human all the time factors, and is directed, to one thing or somebody, apart from oneself–be it a that means to meet or one other human being to come across. The extra one forgets himself–by giving himself to a trigger to serve or one other individual to like–the extra human he’s and the extra he actualizes himself.” – Viktor Frankl

The 5 is the archetype of the contemplative thinker, desperate to uncover the mysteries of life. They’re curious and analytical, always absorbing new info and studying new issues. Regardless of this mental capability, Fives usually really feel a deep sense of vacancy or alienation from themselves and others. They delay interacting with the world as a result of they want “extra knowledge.” At their coronary heart, they fear that their expertise are inadequate and that they’ll’t exit into the world as a result of they’ll fail. So they have a tendency to remain inside, isolate themselves, and fend folks off.

At common to unhealthy ranges, Fives detach from actuality seeking larger data, and so they can develop into over-intellectualized, disconnected from their feelings and their our bodies. They might really feel that the world is simply too overwhelming or threatening, in order that they withdraw and attempt to perceive it by way of the lens of an observer.

As Fives enter well being, they study to acknowledge the knowledge that lies inside themselves in addition to the knowledge that exists exterior of them. They study to belief their very own internal emotions and intuitions, in addition to search out understanding from different folks and life experiences. The extra they provide themselves permission to discover and have interaction with the world, the extra expansive their data turns into.

Frankl’s quote emphasizes that with the intention to actualize oneself and develop into extra human, one should look outward. Fives can study that the world is huge and crammed with data in the event that they solely take the time to discover it. As they do, they are going to discover a larger sense of function and belonging inside themselves.

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Enneagram Six

“Life isn’t made insufferable by circumstances, however solely by lack of that means and function.” – Viktor Frankl

Sixes stay their lives on guard; all the time prepared for issues to go incorrect. They’re deeply devoted and dependable to their households, mates and causes, however their need for safety can make them be overly anxious and guarded. They crave stability and management with the intention to really feel protected, however the world is ever-changing which might make it laborious for Sixes to chill out.

At common to unhealthy ranges, Sixes develop into paranoid, suspicious, and cynical. They really feel like they’re always on the defensive and might shortly think about worst-case eventualities and unfavorable potentialities. Some Sixes search out authorities or constructions to really feel protected. Others eschew authorities, feeling that nobody might be trusted.

As Sixes enter well being, they study to acknowledge and belief their very own internal steerage. They study to establish their core values and might develop into safer in themselves, figuring out they’re able to dealing with no matter comes up.

As a focus camp survivor, Frankl lived by way of the worst experiences possible, but was capable of nonetheless discover function and that means in life. This generally is a highly effective reminder for Sixes that they can also create their very own sense of safety when confronted with uncertainty. That moderately than fearing the worst and taking on habitation in that worry, they need to as an alternative search for the that means that may be present in each second – the nice and the dangerous.

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Enneagram Seven

“Sarcastically sufficient, in the identical means that worry brings to cross what one is afraid of, likewise a compelled intention makes unimaginable what one forcibly needs… Pleasure is, and should stay, a side-effect or by-product, and is destroyed and spoiled to the diploma to which it’s made a objective in itself.” – Viktor Frankl

Sevens are the possibility-seekers of the Enneagram. Energetic and adventurous, they search for alternatives in each second. They’ve an innate skill to seek out the silver lining in nearly any state of affairs, however can develop into overly centered on searching for out pleasure and avoiding ache or discomfort. This seek for pleasure can make them distract themselves with superficial amusements as an alternative of taking time to handle their deeper emotions.

At common to unhealthy ranges, Sevens can develop into frenetic and scattered. They might soar from one expertise to the following with out actually taking in every second or acknowledging their emotions. This will make them keep away from troublesome feelings that come up and make it laborious for them to type deep connections with others. It might additionally make it troublesome for them to finish what they begin or accomplish the objectives that matter deeply to them.

As Sevens enter well being, they study to understand and savor the moments in life. They study that pleasure will not be the end-all, be-all objective and that actual pleasure can come from connecting with others and residing authentically.

Frankl’s quote emphasizes the significance of discovering that means in a single’s life as an alternative of solely searching for out pleasure. It speaks to Sevens by reminding them that pleasure isn’t the one factor to attempt for in life. That real happiness, contentment and connection come from the pursuit of one thing larger than the self – one thing extra profound and significant. Pleasure is just a byproduct of that.

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Enneagram Eight

“Between stimulus and response there’s a house. In that house is our energy to decide on our response. In our response lies our progress and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl

Eights are the sturdy, take-charge kind of the Enneagram. They embody assertiveness and maintain to the idea that they need to not rely on others. As a substitute, they search out independence and problem. It’s a dog-eat-dog world to the Eight, and so they usually give into anger with the intention to attain energy and assert their independence.

At common to unhealthy ranges, Eights can develop into overly aggressive and domineering. They are often recklessly assertive and try to manage conditions and folks round them whereas ignoring their very own emotions. This will trigger others to really feel threatened or disrespected by the Eight’s actions.

As Eights enter well being, they develop into extra snug with vulnerability and authenticity. They cease feeling like they should management all the things and everybody of their setting. As a substitute of being pushed to have energy, they embrace true heroism, which suggests serving to and defending others as an alternative of attempting to dominate them.

Frankl’s quote speaks to Eights by reminding them of the ability they’ve of their responses. The concept one can select his or her response offers Eights again management over their feelings, permitting them to specific themselves in a extra constructive and wholesome method. Somewhat than giving into anger, domination, or boasting, Eights can get in contact with their emotions, restore their steadiness, and curate a extra compassionate response.

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Enneagram 9

“What man really wants will not be a tensionless state however moderately the striving and struggling for some objective worthy of him. What he wants will not be the discharge of pressure at any value, however the name of a possible that means ready to be fulfilled by him.” – Viktor Frankl

Nines are the peacekeepers and mediators of the Enneagram. They are typically easygoing, accepting, and accommodating which makes them nice listeners and crew gamers. Nines usually wish to keep away from battle in any respect prices and can usually flow with the intention to hold the peace. “Don’t rock the boat” is commonly an internal mantra of the 9. By calming outer battle, they hope to keep up internal serenity.

At common to unhealthy ranges, Nines can develop into too agreeable and numb. They might ignore their very own wants and emotions with the intention to please others or seem non-threatening, which might result in a lack of identification and the flexibility to specific their particular person voice. Over time this may result in repressed anger and inaction. The 9 feels out of contact with themselves and numb to their very own needs.

As Nines enter well being, they study that battle doesn’t should be unfavorable and that it might probably really result in larger understanding, connection and intimacy with others. They study to talk up for themselves and set boundaries, whereas nonetheless honoring the wants of all concerned. Stress, battle, and outer disruption stop to be so intimidating and Nines can start to courageously take a stand for what they consider in.

Frankl’s quote speaks to Nines by reminding them of their potential. By striving, struggling and looking for significant function, Nines can develop into extra engaged with life and be impressed to take motion moderately than sit on the sidelines. This quote, I hope, can encourage Nines to appreciate themselves and to cease numbing their internal steerage for the sake of “holding the peace.”

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